星期日 26th 8月 2007

by 抽屉

Last month, mao  sugessted WLW as his desktop blog client.

Beause I was using ScribeFire and Zoundry, I think I don’t need another blog client. Now in most of the time I’m using my new laptop. I need to install some daily tools for this new laptop.

For blog client, I think it’s time for me to try something different. So I installed Windows Live Writer instead of Zoundry. And I wrote my latest post in WLW, it feels good. Mao, you’re right, WLW worth to be recommended.

SGPhoto_2007_08_26 22_30_25

I think from now on, it will be my defualt blog client on my computer.

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One Response to “Try to use Windows Live Writer”

  1. chenchen说道:

    I should say : me 2 ??? or so do I???


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