星期日 26th 8月 2007

by 抽屉

I used to register this blog’s domain name at Yahoo Small Business on 08/2006.  But after my domain actived, I found this domain seemed to be blocked by GFW.

I waited for couple of months, finally I decided to transfer the domain to DH(Dreamhost). And the domain was completed transfer at 11/12/2006.

But when I have a look into my credit card bill by chance today. OMG, Yahoo was still change me 9.95$ per year domain service fee at 08/02/2007! How can I paid one domain towice at the same year?

I write to Yahoo customer care team, told them I have already transfered my domain long time ago. And ask them to help me investigate what’s going on about my account. Few hour’s later, I’ve got the feedback, that told me if only transfered the domain was not means to cancel the service. And now the domain control panel was still active, but how can I control the domain through Yahoo’s control panel, if I was already tranfered it?

I need to cancel the service by myselves. Also in the mail, they suggested me to call them the slove the problem we have. But I was in China, so it seems time different will be the biggest problem for me to make a call. Cause they only work on Mondy through Friday from 6 am to 6 pm PST. I would like to say I can’t make this call.

And again in the mail, Yahoo customer care team teach me how to cancel the service. The said I need first logon my account, and select change plan by clicking “change plan” link. After that I’ll see “Cancel service” link at the top_left. But, let’s check out what happens really.

SGPhoto_2007_08_26 17_23_28

Actually I can’t found any “cancel service” link at that page! How can I cancel it?!

OK. I worte to Yahoo again to ask for solvtion. And we’ll see what happens then.

I will update this on my blog untill it finally solved. 

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