Project: California goes to V2 !

California2_mock_upWell, what you saw here was the mock-up of Project: California v2. If you still don’t know what project: California is, when probably you need check out this URL first.

In a word, Project: California was a Google chrome extension. It’s v1 could display the interestingness photographs  on Flickr the same date, but last year. And also the interestingness photos on Yupoo within last 7 days(for some reason, I don’t think output the “same date, but last year” on Yupoo was a good idea…).

And as you may know, this was my first chrome extension at all! There must be lots of items have room for improvement! I was never expect any one don’t *know* me, will install this extension, as I seldom promote it. But, when I check it’s home page yesterday, 510 users have installed this extension! I know it’s not a big deal for the popular extensions, but it really shocked me for seconds.

After that, I know I need to implement this extension a little bit now… For users that installed it, and also for myself, of cause.

OK. I can’t give you the exacted date when Project: California V2 will come out, but I promise I will put my private time on this project, and make things real :-)

If you can’t wait for V2, you can install current version first. It’s really simple, visit this page via your Google Chrome browser, and click the “Install” button. That’s it! Hope you will enjoy it.

Toshiba’s Libretto W100, one more step than iPad?

Well, as you may know this year was the 25th year since Toshiba introduce the world’s first Laptop PC.

For a very long time, Toshiba leeds the innovation of Laptop PC… And probably still does in these days :-)

Let’s take a look at the photo of Toshiba’s Libretto W100 first.

OK, what do you think of this device? Although it looks like Toshiba’s answer to Apple’s iPad, but I’m not sure about this. Because you know, what Apple didi was make a *new* device set in between with Laptop and mobile device. But, this one looks like just re-structure the original UMPC! iPad like device plus one more LCD may not support it became an iPad killer at all!

For now, I still don’t what input interface does this Libretto W100 have. Maybe virtual keyboard, just like in Windows tablet. And believe me this was not a better idea to type something with this virtual keyboard…

OK. Let’s talk about the good thing we can learn from Libretto W100. Finally we can see what’s the capability of a UMPC can be! And this may push the UMPC’s innovation one more step. I’m waiting to see what Dell,HP,Lenovo will feedback to this topic.

What do you think of this Liretto W100? You can leave your comment bellow, let me know.

Just started Project:Indianapolis

Well, some of you may know I ranged my personal projects by alphabetical, and suddenly I add one more rule: all projects named by US city name.

So, from Project:Austin,Boston,California… then finally I’ve created the folder Project:Indianapolis.

What is project Indianapolis? Actually, it will be a Google Chrome Extension.

What can Indianapolis do? Just a simply ToDo list…

Will Indianapolis it’s official name? Nop. It’s just a code name. It’s official name hasn’t been decided yet! I will let you know as soon as I got one.

Upgrade to WordPress 3.0

Long time ago, I heard that from WordPress 3.0, it will just simply replace wordpress MU by supporting multi-site function.

For a long time, I haven’t update this blog, because lack of time to maintain such a self-brand platform. Also I’m not sure whether my site can be upgrade to new wordpress smoothly.

Today, I logged into my dashboard by chance and just found out it could automatically upgrade to 3.0! Without a deep thinking, I press the “upgrade” button immediately. And thanks to God, everything just workout fine.

Now, I’m typing this post under *NEW* shinny wordpress 3.0 dashboard :-)