Update information about the Yahoo billing issue

I asked “Does Yahoo stolen my money” several days before. And now I would like to update the statues of this issue.

I finally canceled by service under Yahoo customer care team’s help. And at 8/28, I got Yahoo billing team’s feedback. They said:

I understand you have transferred your domain to another registrar. I have reviewed your account. I will need to have Melbourne IT confirm the domain registration transfer date before I can issue a refund for the domain registration renewal. Once I have a reply, I will inform you of the results.

And I told them I have completely transfered by domain 2006/11/12, and they still insist they need let their Melbourne IT confirm. How ever, I understand it. And wait for a week. But there is no feedback any more.

Even I wrote a mail to Yahoo billing team to confirm how is the situation goes on. And I wait for 2 days, no feedback.

I don’t know why would this situation happen. I will continue to follow this issue, and update the information to you all.

I hope it helps if I post the whole process on my blog.


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