Oh please, I like this show

Traveler met it’s end


不过,开心不起来的原因是,Traveler的接下来一集S01E08将会是最后一集.它被砍了.Oh, no! 虽然这部片子看上去太像越狱的第二集了,可是还是挺吸引人的呀.再接下来回归的将会是”The Nine”, 很讽刺,接着Traveler的第八集回来的是The Nine.

在TV.com的TV Guide Blog上看到这个:

This Wednesday and next, ABC’s underappreciated Traveler presents its final two episodes – and, yes, we do mean final, as series creator David DiGilio details in his TVGuide.com celebrity blog update. “We have sadly reached the point where our show is most likely not coming back,” he writes. “ABC has officially let our cast contracts lapse.” Read more about it here. Excellent blog entry.


#7) Facebook users:, Every Wednesday, change your status to “Watching Traveler tonight” to bring more attention to the show. Also, be sure to join the “Addicted to Traveler” group. Its size has doubled in almost three weeks. Here’s a link: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2350504331


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